Yavorivshchyna as a Tourist Attraction

Yavorivshchyna is one of the most promising regions in the development of the tourism industry. Its location on the edge of the Carpathians, Polissia, Podillia and within Roztochсhia is the reason for its unique nature.

Roztochchia is the only place in Ukraine, where a great variety and wonderful combination of landscape  types, forests, ponds and wetlands with its unique palette of flora and fauna is focused in a relatively small area. Roztochchia is an important geologic, climatic, floral and faunal boundary in Europe, because the Main European Watershed that separates the river basins of the Black and Baltic Seas goes through its south-eastern part.  The area stands out for its unique natural objects: the Cave in Stradch, Yavoriv lake, Yavoriv NPP, the nature reserve “Roztochchia”,  ornithological reserves "Cholhynskyy", "Yaniv Herons" and the forest reserve  "Zavadivskyi", the reserved tract "Nemyriv" and the arboretum "Stradch."

Yavoriv proximity to Lviv and the trans-European international highway Kyiv-Lisbon passing through Yavoriv area contributes to the creation of recreation centres, tourist camps and creating tour routes. The favourable location near the border highlights the value of nature and culture attractions for international tourism.

Natural reserve Roztochchia was founded in 1984 to preserve and observe unique ecosystem of Roztochchia area. Scattered over the picturesque hills of the Main European Watershed, in the heart of  Europe, the park is extremely valuable natural and scientific object.

Tourist attractions of  Roztochchia:

  1. The museum of nature founded in 1987 demonstrates flora and fauna of the area. Represented collections of minerals, pathogenic fungi, seeds invertebrates and vertebrates, the exhibition of rare and endangered species of plants and animals;
  2. Ecological paths (for pupils: Mount Koroleva – the museum of nature – arboretum NLTU; for students and scientists ‘forest typological profile of A.Pyasetskogo.’
  3. Christian-ecological centre gives a chance to watch films and presentations, to listen to the conversations on ‘Nature and religion’;
  4. Zoological garden, where tourists can see spotted deer and decorative birds;
  5. The collection area of rare plants (above 20 species of early-blooming)

Places for parking, short rest, group and individual excursions through scientific paths and also to historical, sacred and local monuments of the region are all at visitor’s service.

Yavoriv National Park was founded in 1998 in the central part of Ukrainian Roztochchia. It's sguare is 7108 hectare. The main tasks of it are to protect nature, scientific-exploring activity, to create conditions for organized tourizm and other kinds of recreation and ecological education. The variety of flora and fauna of Roztochchia attracts scientists, tourists and students.

Roztochchia has been the main rest place for the residents of Lviv and its suburbs. They can use such rest zones as “Vereschytsia”, “Lelekhivka”, “Seredniy Horb”,”Kozulka”, “Oselia Roztochchia”.

On the  territory of the  Park there are four bus – pedestrian routs, which show precious historical cultural and sacral objects like “Stradch – Chorni Ozera”, “By Roztochchia Ways from Yaniv to Krekhiv”, “Yavoriv shooting range”, “Yavoriv suburbs”,” The history of Yaniv”.

Ecotourism has been developing on the base of National Parks “Roztochchia” and  “Yavorivskiy”,  the main forms of which are cognitive, natural, cultural, qualified (skiing, speleotourism, cycling).

Roztochchia is a museum of nature, an open spa reserve. It is rich in healing bogs and mineral waters like “Naftusia”, some of which can’t be found anywhere else in Ukraine or Europe.

“Shklo” and ”Nemyriv” resorts with their sulfur springs are the oldest in Ukraine. The boarding house “Badiorist” located in a scenic area of a coniferous forest near Shklo suggests therapeutic services.

Stradch, Hlynytsi, Lisok Chernylyavsky and Kernychka pilgrimage places are considered to be centres of spiritual culture. There are some tourist routes there.

Stradch is famous for four features thanks to which it is supposed to be a pilgrims place: Stradetska Lavra(monastery) and a miraculous icon of Stradch Godmother Nerushyma Stina (Indestructible Wall)  (only a copy is preserved), a burial place of two blessed - Fr. Mykola Konrad and a cantor Volodymyr Pryima(they were blessed by Pope John Paul II during his visit to Lviv in 2001) and Stradch Stations of Cross. Today Stradch is the place where the soul can find joy and peace, where miracle of physical and spiritual healing takes place.

The real value of the Virgin’s church of Pokladannia Poyasa (the Laying Belt) in Lisok in Chernyliava is an icon of Liskivska Mother of God, famous for healing people and recognized as miraculous by people. In 1849 this holy place was given by Pope  the right of full release. The spring of St.Onufriy is famous for its healing water in the tract of  Studynets.

It is worth visiting the Church - Museum of Metropolitan of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Andrey Sheptytsky in the village Prylbychi- the family village of Sheptytsky’s family. Every year on July 29 the celebrations are held here with the participation of numerous guests from abroad to honour the name of Metropolitan in a proper way. Sheptytsky’s family tomb is preserved at the local cemetery.

Samples of old sacral architecture are wooden churches in Yavoriv area, ​​where iconostas made by Yavoriv carvings, embroidered icons, banners, ancient iconography are preserved.

The ancient churches and bell towers preserved in the following villages  like Muzhylovychi, Prylbychi, Starychi, Kohanivka, Liubyni, Drogomyshyl, Kamianobrid, Lis and Seredkevychi  are monuments of architecture of local importance.

Old towns with rich history like Yavoriv, Nemyriv, Krakovets and Ivano-Frankiv are also worth seeing.                                                                 Yavorivschyna is famous for its legendary names of prominent people, who were born or lived on its territory. The monuments to A.Sheptytski, M.Verbytski, O.Makovey were erected in Yavoriv and the monument to Y.Lypa in the village of Ivanyky, the monument to Shukhevych in Krakovets and the monument to P.Andrusiv in Kamyanobrid, the church - museum of A. Sheptytsky in the village Prylbychi.
The museum of O. Makovey in Yavoriv, school museums of  Y.Lypa in the village of Buniv and R. Shukhevych in the village  of Krakovets, the museum of P.Andrusiv in the village of Kamyanobrid and a church museum of A.Sheptytski in Prylbychi were created  to remember the history.
People from Yavorivschyna were the first in the national struggle of the Ukrainians. The relics of kryjivkas have been found in the village of  Buniv, which was the most active centre of military operations of  UPA soldiers. Y.Lypa, a doctor, worked there. The kryjivka in the village of Volya Lyubynska was restored and opened for visitors. There are graves of UPA soldiers in Yavoriv and in the village of Buniv.
One of the main directions of the regional ecological policy is the recreation of the Yavoriv lakeside zone with five rest areas : Lis, Okilky, Zaluzhzhia,Tsetulia and Vilshanytsia.


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